Dr. Jean Louis Machuron
Pharmacie et Aide Humanitaire
Dr. Jean-Louis Machuron is a Pharmacist.
Since 2001: Jean Louis Machuron is active in the area of training; he is the co-organizer of the University Degree in Pharmacie et Aide Humanitaire at the Caen Faculty of Pharmacy (France), and in the French Army Forces’ Health Service.
He is the President of Pharmacie et Aide Humanitaire.
He is also active in the area of integration, as the President of the Plateforme d’Insertion par l’Humanitaire et la Coopération.
He is currently a consultant in charge of field operations at the Mérieux Foundation. In this position, he contributes to improving the evaluation of projects supported by the Foundation.

1996: Dr. Machuron worked with Bernard Kouchner as a consultant at the French Ministry of Health, on compiling the FSTI (International Therapeutic Solidarity Fund), the forerunner to ESTHER, aimed at implementing the first retrovirus treatment in developing countries.
He then led several missions for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, notably in Albania (Coordinator for French Humanitarian Action during the Kosovo bombing raids) and in Kosovo (1999-2000), where he worked with the French military and international corps.

1992: In addition to his previous activity, he also developed a purchasing bureau for essential generic medication for NGOs: CHMP (Centrale Humanitaire Médico-Pharmaceutique), in which he is still the Secretary-General:

1985 – 1996:
He was the International President of Pharmaciens Sans Frontières for 11 years. At this position, he participated in numerous emergency humanitarian operations: Romania, Somalia, Artsakh, Iraq, Rwanda, Haiti, Former Yugoslavia, etc.

Dr. Machuron created the NGO Pharmaciens Sans Frontières (Pharmacists without borders).
Pharmacie et Aide Humanitaire


Pharmacie et Aide Humanitaire is an international association established in 2001 that aims to improve access to quality pharmaceutical inputs to ensure the most appropriate medical care to vulnerable populations.